Cystoscope  RTU  Urethrotomy 


Cistoscópio Russer

Compatible with instruments from the same specialty

Allows a bright depiction, clear throughout the lower urogenital tract with a faithful resolution to the details. Advanced optical system with rod lenses. Perfect optical design avoiding loss of brightness and image distortion. Excellent resolution, contrast and wide field of view
Objective and ocular lens made in Sapphire crystals with scratch resistant quality and great image clarity in all the visual field minimizing procedure time

Tube, body and mechanical structure built in high quality stainless steel. Hermetically sealed, protecting the optical components from infiltration

Light transmittance by incorporated optical fiber (optical fiber with wide angle).  Light cone (fiber optic) with molten crystal for a better light advantage. Contains adapters for different brands and models of fiber optic cables

Telescopic Bridge

1 and 2 working channels   

Compatible with instruments from the same specialty


Manufactured in high quality standard surgical stainless steel


Allows the introduction of different sizes of forceps


It can be used with semi-rigid and flexible forceps

1 Canal de Trabalho

01 Working Channel

2 Canais de Trabalho

02 Working Channels

Cystoscopy Sheath

with Obturator

Compatible with instruments from the same specialty


Manufactured in high quality standard surgical stainless steel. Includes standard obturator with perfectly polished and atraumatic tip 


Allows the introduction of semi-rigid and flexible forceps of different sizes and the insertion of instruments that allow a high visual control


With two stopcocks for irrigation and aspiration


Used in several procedures such as: Diagnostic Cystoscopy; Bladder stone fragmentation (allows the use of Russer's Litotripter forceps)


Allows the use of Russer's endoscopic application needle (Needle for the application of Botulinum Toxin for overactive bladder treatment)


Removal of Double J Catheters, Foreign Body and Biopsies. Allows the use of Russer's Foreign Body, Biopsy, and Three Prong Forceps

Camisa de Cistoscopia com Obturador Russer

Manufactured by Russer
Autoclavable 134°C  
Available in the following measures:
ø 17 Fr  (Yellow)
ø 19 Fr  (Green)
ø 21 Fr  (Red)
ø 23 Fr  (Blue)
ø 25 Fr  (White)

 Cystoscopy Forceps and Scissors

FLEXIBLE BIOPSY AND ALLIGATOR FORCEPS: Dual action jaw with precision and closing stability. Dismountable. Easy cleaning and sterilization


Resistant high traction articulation mechanism. Ergonomic and lightweight handle, easy to manipulate. Built in special stainless steel

Extremely smooth rod which allows a better glide in the working channel due to the high degree polish attributed to the stainless steel, allowing a smoother procedure and a low cost repair


CYSTOSCOPY SCISSOR: Efficient and accurate cutting. Blunt tip. Simple action jaw. Precision cutting with closing stability

Pinça de Apreensão Flexível Russer

Flexible Alligator Forceps 

Pinça de Biópsia Flexível Russer

Flexible Biopsy Forceps

Tesoura Flexível Russer

Flexible Scissor

Lithotripter forceps and Adapter

Serrated jaw with stable and accurate closure  

Manufactured in high quality stainless steel 

Highly durable. Versatile for complete replacement of spare parts and components of the jaw and internal mechanism, restoring its original performance

Pinça Litotriptora e Adaptador para Pinça


Elemento de Trabalho Russer

Working Element

Working Element with comfortable handling. Cut by spring action. Manual traction and electric system with port for high-frequency monopolar cable

It can be used with standard or rotating RTU Sheaths

Compatible with RTU monopolar electrodes and urethrotomy cold knife

Simple and easy cleaning 

Camisa RTU com Obturador

Available in the following measures:
ø 24Fr ou ø 27Fr Standard
ø 24/26Fr

RTU Sheath

with obturator

Continuous flow RTU sheath 24/26Fr with obturator

Resection sheath for irrigation and continuous flow aspiration


Rotating inner sheath, with oblique ceramic insulation and atraumatic distal tip

Alças de Ressecção

 RTU Electrodes

Easy fitting to the working element. Effective cut, creating minimal bleeding during the procedure

Visual field always clear. High frequency conduction alloy. 

Cauterization with minimized bleeding; resects preserving histological quality. Certified safety in dielectric tests (INMETRO) 


Camisa de Uretrotomia com Obturador

Urethrotomy Sheath

with obturator 

With atraumatic obturator tip, avoiding injury risk. Oblique lateral stopcocks for irrigation


Fast and accurate fit

Cold Knife

Easy fitting to the working element. Effective cut, creating minimal bleeding during the procedure


Visual field always clear

Faca Reta Russer

Straight Knife

Faca Redonda Russer

Round Knife

Faca Serrilhada

Serrated Knife

Descartáveis para Cistoscopia

Flexible Three Prong Forceps


with Working Channel

Botox Needle

with Bevel Tip

Dr. Mitre and Dr. Slongo Needle

with Sheath and Obturator  

RTU Monopolar Loops

1 and 2 Stems

Models: Ball Type, Angled Loop Type, Angled Knife (Collins)

Bipolar Loop

ø 3Fr - 90 cm

ø 2,2Fr - 120cm

Cold Knife

Models: Straight, Serrated and Round

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Guide wire

Laser Fiber

Double J Catheter

Tube Kit

Fiber Fixer and Rubber Cap

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