Mini Nephroscope

Perfect control of pressure and locks for aspiration and suction

With atraumatic distal tip, perfect for pediatric use in the urogenital treatment

Rigid in an angular position, allows a greater comfort in handling, providing greater freedom on the use
of the instruments

The optical fiber image system ensures an
excellent visibility

5.4 Fr Working Channel
With great irrigation, use of stones extractors, probes and laser fibers

Diagonal Port
Features a second diagonal channel
for a precise handling of the guide
wire within the deflection

By continuous research with specialist surgeons, Russer developed an innovative endoscope system, with exclusive design, for a new minimally invasive percutaneous approach. Emphasizing the  access, lithiasis and reduced operative time preventing further
complications. Allows access to the lower calyx of percutaneous multi-treatment and a more atraumatic patient treatment.

Cana de Trabalho de diametro com 5.4Fr

5,4Fr Working Channel:

There are 4 ports, 2 being frontal and 2 perpendiculars stopcocks.
A wide ø 5.4Fr working channel offers a maximum power irrigation and guarantees a perfect view of the surgical area. Removable stopcocks which allows the sealing of the system in safe way.
The central working channel provides a lithotripsy with excellent probe positioning of the ballistic lithotriptor or laser optical fiber.
The second diagonal channel is for a precise handling of the guide wire within the deflection for antegrade placement of different instruments.

"We are the doctors who design the ideal technology for medicine; and Russer through this Mini Nefroscope interprets our needs. " 

Dr. Edibert Melchert

Accessories for the Mini Nephroscope


Amplatz Sheath

Pediatric 14/15Fr - 0º- 11cm - 3cm Smooth and 8cm with Screw

14/15Fr - - 17,3cm - 6cm smooth and 11,3cm with Screw
14/15Fr -
- 17,3cm - 8,5cm smooth and 8,8cm with Screw
14/15Fr -
- 17,3cm - 3cm smooth and 14,3cm with Screw

Amplatz Sheath

14/15Fr - 0º - 17,3cm - 17,3cm smooth 

Obturator Dilatator

Rigid and Flexible Antena – Conic Tip

Ponta Cônica 44 cm

Hook Knife

40 cm

Punction Needle

16 gauge - 20 cm


Probe 0,72mm - 52cm or 54cm

Optional: Different brands of Lithotriptor

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Basket with Working Channel

ø 5Fr - 4 wires

Semi Rigid Basket

​​ø 5Fr - 4 wires

Two Prong Forceps

​ø 5Fr 

Three Prong Forceps

​ø 5Fr 

Guide Wire


Guide Wire

Hydrophilic Zebra 

Laser Fiber

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