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Semi Rigid with high resolution, quality and versatility image fiber optic in a single device. Allows working with more comfort and ergonomics

Has a distal tip with atraumatic design. Maximum power of irrigation by a wide 5.4Fr channel, allowing better visualization during the procedure and minimizing bleeding risks. The larger diameter of the working channel, allows the entry of a variety of Ballistic Lithotripsy Probes and laser fibers. Dosage stopcock for an effective irrigation, avoiding the migration of stones to the renal pelvis

Different internal tubes for the working channel and illumination, allow a perfect shield and compression, offering resistance to the distal tube



Tubes with image and light fibers arranged in a simplified manner. With 2 stopcocks for irrigation.  Allows working with instruments of various sizes. The material contains stainless properties against corrosion and higher mechanical resistance

Enhanced visibility due to an increased flow

Manufactured in stainless steel, aiming mechanical resistance and anti-corrosion

Accessories for Ureteroscopy


Three Prong Forceps

ø 2,5Fr | ø 3Fr | ø 4.1Fr

56 cm

Two Prong Forceps

ø 3Fr | ø 4.1Fr

56 cm

Flexible Three Prong Forceps

ø 2,7 Fr

120 cm

Semi Rigid Nitinol Basket

ø 3Fr | ø 4.5Fr

56 cm

Nitinol Basket with Working Channel

ø 3Fr | ø 4,5Fr

56 cm

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Flexible Tipless Nitinol Basket

ø 3Fr - 90 cm

ø 2,2Fr - 120 cm

Zebra Guide Wire

Hydrophilic Guide Wire

Double J Catheter

4.7Fr with or without guide wire / 6Fr with or without guide wire

Access Sheath

Dilatator Balloon

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