Leading Industry of Endoscope and Instrument Repair. Execution of services for renowned doctors, clinics and hospitals into Brazil and Latin America.

Russer counts on an experienced professional team, modern labs with state-of-the-art equipment and strict quality control processes certified by ANVISA, allowing to offer a Preventive and Corrective maintenance service with quality and safety.

Reparation of items that manufacturers consider "non-repairable", following factory standards, guarantee ergonomics, precision, quality and longevity of the equipment, considering the best cost alternative, is one of our main commitments.


Certificate of Quality (Award) is issued if repaired equipment passes all performance tests and shipped with the material. In this way, you will have the guarantee that your equipment is 100% like the original one.


The most complete maintenance and repairs of Optical Fiber Cables, Cameras, Flexible, Rigid and Semirigid Endoscopes, Light Source, Instrumentation and Lithotripter.


  1. Only a company that has a high technology in the manufacture of endoscope, can offer the best solution in repair of optics and instruments of any brand or model.

  2. All services performed in our modern laboratories are subject to the audits of ANVISA & INMETRO, ensuring compliance with all the requirements of ISO 13485, providing trust and assurance.

  3. We work with spare parts and new components of high quality and precision in order to avoid the distortion or incidence of yellow tones in the images.

  4. Our main suppliers are of German origin, providing us with original optical and mechanical systems of medical instruments of high quality and worldwide recognition.

  5. For over 35 years we have been serving the Urological medical class and we are recognized as a pioneer company in Brazil and Latin America in the maintenance of endoscopes and surgical instruments.

  6. We have an experienced team of highly qualified technicians and engineers trained in the best development centers in the world.

  7. We provide the highest technology and resources to meet rigorous functionality, sterilization and safety testing procedures. In addition, we have a modern "SAP" computer system that allows excellent control of the tracking and status of your material.

  8. We offer support, training materials and training to the instrumentators and nurses on the handling and care of the products.

  9. Our budget proposals are delivered within 48 hours, accompanied by technical reports with image capture to record the original status of your material.

  10. We offer excellent cost benefits consistent with the high quality of the original components used and specialized services.


“We are more than customers and suppliers, we are partners.”

Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz - Coordination and Supervision Tarcisio Marques and Bruno Distrutti Querino


Russer has been acting with seriousness, ethics, fair price in the provision of maintenance services in optics and surgical instruments, meeting our needs with speed and quality. ” (Clinical Engineering EBSERH HU-UFMA)


“At the Urology clinic in Natal, we have thirteen urologists, being a reference clinic in the state. We sent Russer our Endoscopes for Technical Assistance, as the service is of excellent quality and extremely reliable. ”

(Administrative Manager - Alessandro Sued)

"We work with Russer because it offers us security and a fair price."

We are a family owned and operated business.

  Medical School Foundation of SJ Rio Preto - Prof. Dr Fernando Faccio