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Russer was founded with the main purpose of delivering quality products and technology to doctors and patients.

For more than 35 years we have been outstanding for the quality and innovation of our products and for the excellence in technical assistance of medical devices.

Our dedication, quality, seriousness and professional ethics allow us to have in our portfolio well-known customers, clinics and hospitals in Brazil and other Latin American countries.

Over the years we are constantly investing in the improvement of our technology and employees, to meet the needs of our customers and the market. We are always participating in fairs and national and international congresses.



In 2003, the administrative and manufacturing headquarters were built in Indaiatuba, in the interior of São Paulo State, a city considered one of the best in the development according to the * FIRJAN index, with a privileged location, easy access to the main roads and highways, shopping centers, industrial district and technological development in Brazil.

Only 10 km from distance to the Viracopos International Airport, an important cargo airport in Brazil.

Our factory has modern labs and Clean Rooms (a free subdivision), rooms with optical measuring equipment and high precision instruments for the manufacture of disposable products.

Our Research and Development (R&D) department creates and improves equipment through the accompaniment of the procedures of the medical area, also counting on the partnership of renowned doctors, researchers and National and International University.


Our factory has modern laboratories and Clean Rooms (free of particles), rooms withoptical measurement and high-precision instruments for the manufacture of disposable products. 


Our R&D (Research and Development) department creates and improves equipment by monitoring procedures in the medical field, also counting on the partnership of renowned national and international doctors, researchers and universities.



We are aware that it is not enough just to master the technical and scientific knowledge to develop and launch new products, but also it is necessary to control every productive process to meet the numerous norms and legal requirements required for this segment, we consider that quality as a whole is a strategic issue to remain in a prominent position in this segment.

Our products are fully compliant with international standards for manufacturing medical equipment and obtaining ISO certifications. In compliance with the technical safety standards, INMETRO certifications required to manufacture medical electromedical equipment and meet the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices established by ANVISA.

That is why when purchasing a Russer product you will have the peace of mind to meet the legal requirements for the operation of clinics and hospitals in regard to the control, acquisition and maintenance of medical equipment.


We are certified by ANVISA in the Good Practices of Manufacturing RDC 16 of 2013. This certificate guarantees that the company has a quality management system in compliance with the legal requirements of Production, Distribution, Transport and Technical Assistance for medical and related equipment, customers that the company's production process is fully controlled, tracked and meets the international requirements for manufacturing medical equipment.

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