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This website is maintained and operated by Russer Brasil EIRELI.


This website collects and uses certain personal data belonging to the users who access it. In doing so, Russer acts as acontrollerof such data subject to the provisions of Federal Law n. 13,709/2018 (General Personal Data Protection Law - LGPD).


Russer Brasil ensures the protection of your personal data and, therefore, makes this Privacy Policy available, which contains important information about:


  • Who should use our website

  • What data is collected and what is done with it;

  • Your rights in relation to your personal data; and

  • How to contact Russer Brasil.

When accessing our website, the user declares hisEXPRESS CONSENTfor collection, processing and storage of data entered:


  • Inserted Information:We will collect the data provided by the user at the time of registration, such asfirst and last name, mailing address, email address, payment information, as well as other online contact information or phone number, photo and other information required in the registration.

  • Communication.All data provided in all communication with our team, whether by email, messages, telephone or any other means, may be registered and recorded.

  • Payment information.When submitting your data for payment, information about the purchase or transaction may be collected. Payment information includes credit or debit card details, account and authentication information, in addition to billing data such as full address, CPF and CNPJ.



This website collects and uses some personal data from its users, in accordance with the provisions of this section.


  1.  Personal data expressly provided by the user


The following personal data that users expressly provide when using the site are collected:


  • Name;

  • Email;

  • Telephone number;

  • Location.


The collection of this data takes place at the following times:


  • When the user fills out a contact form on the website;

  • When the user registers on the website.


The data provided by users is collected for the following purposes:


  • So that the company can contact the user in an assertive and personalized way;

  • So that the user is directed to the correct department of the company;

  • To improve traffic and user experience on our digital media.

  • For printing labels with name and location data for use by logistics and transport companies that carry out deliveries;

  • The e-mail provided by the User will be used to send transactional messages, such as confirmation and progress of orders; sending promotional messages, which the user can unsubscribe at any time through the link indicated at the end of each message, clicking on “unsubscribe”.

   2.  Personal data obtained in other ways


The following personal data may also be collected:


  • Geolocation data;

  • Transaction data carried out on the website;

  • Period of access and permanence on the website;

  • Pages trafficked on the website;

  • Browser used to access the website;

  • Type of device used for access;

  • Operating system of the device used for access.


The collection of this data takes place at the following times:


  • When the user accesses and accepts our terms;

  • When the user transits through one or more pages on the website.


This data is collected for the following purposes:


  • Ensuring the security and authenticity of transactions made on the website;

  • Comply with legal requirements for storing application access logs;

  • Customize the user experience.


   3.  Sensitive data

NotSensitive user data will be collected, meaning those defined in Articles 11 et seq. of the Personal Data Protection Law. So,notdata will be collected on racial or ethnic origin, religious belief, political opinion, membership of a union or organization of a religious, philosophical or political nature, data regarding health or sexual life, genetic or biometric data, when linked to a natural person.

   4.  Cookies


Cookiesare small text files that are automatically downloaded to your device when you access and browse a website. They basically serve to identify devices, activities and user preferences.


YouCookiesdo not allow any file or information to be extracted from the user's hard drive, and it is not possible, through them, to have access to personal information that did not come from the user or the way he uses the resources of the site.


  a.  Website cookies


YouCookiesfrom the website are those sent to the user's computer or device and managed exclusively by the website.


The information collected through these cookies is used to improve and personalize the user experience, and someCookiesthey can, for example, be used to remember user preferences and choices, as well as to offer personalized content.


   b.  Third-party cookies


Some partners may configureCookieson the devices of users accessing the website.


TheseCookies, in general, aim to enable partners to offer their content and services to the user who accesses the website in a personalized way, by obtaining navigation data extracted from their interaction with the website.


The user will be able to obtain more information about theCookiesfrom third parties and on how the data obtained from them is treated, in addition to having access to the description of the cookies used and their characteristics, accessing the following links:




The entities in charge of collecting cookies may transfer the information obtained to third parties.


   c.  Cookie management


The user may oppose the registration of cookies by the website, simply by deactivating this option in their own browser. More information on how to do this in some of the main browsers used today can be accessed from the following links:









the deactivation ofCookies, however, may affect the availability of some tools and functionalities of the website, compromising its correct and expected functioning. Another possible consequence is the removal of user preferences that may have been saved, harming your experience.


   5.  Collection of data not expressly provided for


Eventually, other types of data not expressly provided for in this Privacy Policy may be collected, provided that they are provided with the user's consent, or that the collection is permitted based on another legal basis provided for by law.


In any case, the data collection and the processing activities resulting from it will be informed to the website users.


Russer does not share any personal data of its users with third parties, except to comply with a legal or regulatory determination, or even to comply with an order issued by a public authority.



The personal data collected by the website is stored in a database owned by Russer in an internal environment or in the cloud and will be used for a period of time necessary to achieve the purposes listed in this document, considering the rights of its holders, the rights of the website controller and applicable legal or regulatory provisions.

The personal data collected may be edited or changed at any time, by simply accessing the field “MY ACCOUNT” and then “REGISTRATION DATA”.


The bank and credit card data entered by the User at the time of purchase will be stored exclusively in external payment tools, such as CIELO, PAYPAL, ETC., from which the User may eventually receive a telephone call to confirm the data.


RUSSER will at no time inspect any bank and credit card data, and the process of approving the sale through these types of payment will be carried out exclusively by the Credit Operator chosen by the User.


Once the periods of storage of personal data have expired, these are removed from our databases or anonymized, except in cases where there is the possibility or the need for storage due to legal or regulatory provision.



Each personal data processing operation needs to have a legal basis, that is, a legal basis that authorizes it, being a kind of justification provided for in the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data.


All of our personal data processing activities have a legal basis that justifies them, among those permitted by law. More information about the legal bases we use for specific personal data processing operations can be obtained from our contact channels, informed at the end of this Policy.



  1. How the holder can exercise his rights


To ensure that the user who intends to exercise their rights is, in fact, the holder of the personal data object of the request, we may request documents or other information that may help in their correct identification, in order to protect our rights from third parties. This will only be done if absolutely necessary, and the applicant will be provided with all related information.


By allowing the processing of their personal data, in no way and under no circumstances, does the person transfer the status of owner of their own personal data to another.


The holder of personal data has the right to request from the controller, at any time:


  • Confirmation of the existence of treatment;

  • Access to data held by the controller;

  • The correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data;

  • The anonymization, blocking or deletion of data, provided that they are considered unnecessary, excessive or treated in breach of the provisions of the LGPD;

  • The portability of your personal data to another service provider;

  • The deletion of personal data when the previously given consent has been withdrawn;

  • The relationship with whom your data was shared;

  • Information that you can withhold consent and what its consequences are;

  • The revocation of the consagreement, pursuant to § 5 of art. 8 of the LGPD.




We employ technical and organizational measures capable of protecting personal data from unauthorized access and situations of destruction, loss, misplacement or alteration of such data.


The measures we use take into account the nature of the data, the context and purpose of the treatment, the risks that an eventual violation would generate for the rights and freedoms of the user, and the standards currently used in the market by companies similar to ours.


Among the security measures adopted by us, we highlight the following:


  • All data collected is solely and exclusively used for the company's commercial purposes.


Although Russer Brasil adopts everything within its reach to avoid security incidents, it is possible that a problem occurs exclusively motivated by a third party - such as hacker or cracker attacks or, even, cases of exclusive fault of the user, which occurs , for example, when he himself transfers his data to third parties. Thus, although we are, in general, responsible for the personal data we process, we exempt ourselves from liability in cases where an exceptional situation occurs such as those mentioned above, about which we have no  nonecontrol type.


In any case, in the event of any type of security incident that could generate risk or significant damage to any of our users, we will notify those affected and the National Data Protection Authority about the incident, in accordance with the provisions of the General Protection Law. of Data.



All data provided is retained, including personal data, while  usuário's registration is active and as necessary to provide services.


Personal data will be retained, maintained and stored until an eventual deletion request is reached, or until the deadline described in section 3 is reached, in accordance with the company's commercial needs.


Personal data may be kept even after receiving your deletion request if necessary to comply with legal obligations, resolve disputes, maintain security, prevent fraud and abuse and ensure compliance with contracts.


This version of this Privacy Policy was last updated on: 09/06/2021.


Russer Brasil reserves the right to modify, at any time, these rules, especially to adapt them to any changes made to our website, either by making new features available, or by suppressing or modifying those that already exist.


Whenever there is a change, users will be notified.



ForIf you have any queries about this Privacy Policy or about the personal data we process, please contact our Personal Data Protection Officer, through one of the channels mentioned below:

Telephone:+55 19 3825 9900



Postal address: Antônia Martins Luis, nº 589, Industrial District João Narezzi, Indaiatuba - SP- Brazil - CEP 13.347-404

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